the association

The Mission of the Ecoglen Association is

to encourage public participation in the pro-active conservation of the Moreletaspruit and Waterkloofspruit in general and in particular to promote on behalf of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality [CTMM] the sustainable recreational use of the Ecoglen area by the local community and the broader public.

The Ecoglen Association [Ecoglen] is a Public Benefit Organisation [PBO] affiliated to the Friends of The Moreleta and a member of WESSA. It was founded in July 2004 for the purpose of encouraging public participation in pro-active conservation of the Moreleta and Waterkloof Spruits and promoting sustainable recreational use of the so called Ecoglen Conservancy by the local community and general public, in conjunction with and on behalf of the CTMM.

Ecoglen, in partnership with the CTMM, operates in four broad areas of endeavor.

  1. Administration.

The Association is administered by an executive committee [EXCO] comprising of the following members;

  1. The Chairperson
  2. The Vice-chairperson
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Treasurer
  5. Three other members
  6. An Ex-Officio member from the CTMM
  7. A Liaison Officer from St. Alban’s College.

The EXCO meets regularly and its proceedings are minuted. funding is raised from membership fees, donations and sponsorships. All funds are administered according to GAAP and are audited annually.