Secure access has been a priority for the Ecoglen  Association since its inception in 2004.

This area of endeavor focusses on three different aspects of what is seen to be the key driver in encouraging recreational use of the conservancy;

Security has been  largely addressed with the boundaries of both the Moreleta and Waterkloof reserves having being fenced [thanks primarily to the relocation of St. Alban’s College’s boundary fence

Controlled access has been introduced and the level of vagrancy , with its inherent impact on the environment, has been significantly reduced. Cleaning  up  operations have been undertaken in the Waterkloof Spruit reserve, thanks again to the staff and pupils of  St. Alban’s  College. This has helped mitigate some of the damage caused, which can be viewed in our  gallery.

The focus of activities has now moved on to accessibility and safety. Two major projects have been undertaken in this regard.

The first and ongoing  project is the laying of a concrete path within the Moreleta Reserve. Starting at the Lynnwood Road and Maldon Road gates simultaneously  the two paths will eventually meet. The pathway provides  improved wet weather access and is also  wheelchair friendly so it will extend accessibility to Ecoglen to the less abled. Further pathways are planned for the conservancy, although not necessarily concrete and only when funds permit.

Another problem with wet weather has been the ford south of the Alcade Road gate which gets over-topped after heavy rain and prevents east west access across the Moreleta. This has been addressed through an upgrade  project which raises the height of the crossing  over the Spruit. In addition the crossing has been built to provide a solid pathway  again providing extended access for the less abled. Pictures showing progress of the upgrade project are available in our gallery.

secure access